Maria's Shift to Efficient Marketing with MediaBank

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Maria, a dedicated marketer in a Finnish company, was entrusted with creating a presentation and newsletter for an important product launch, which was also the unveiling of the company's revamped brand. However, the absence of a media bank or Digital Asset Management (DAM) system meant she had to deal with disorganized digital files scattered across various storage mediums.

While preparing, Maria mistakenly used an outdated logo and struggled to find the right product images among a maze of unorganized files. This oversight was clear during her presentation and in the newsletter sent to thousands, causing embarrassment and potentially damaging the company's reputation.

Recognizing the need for better asset management, Maria initially tried to advocate for a DAM system but faced resistance from management due to cost concerns. She then came across a budget-friendly, cloud-based media bank, which promised to streamline asset access, improve organization, and enhance collaboration for a fraction of a DAM system's cost.

Maria confidently pitched this solution, highlighting its efficiency and adaptability, emphasizing it could serve as a precursor to a more advanced DAM system down the line. Impressed, management approved. With the media bank in place, the team witnessed better workflow organization, setting the stage for a potential upgrade to a comprehensive DAM system in the future.

Benefits of an Affordable MediaBank:

  1. Easy Accessibility: Cloud-based systems allow for access from anywhere.
  2. Basic Organization: Simplified search, tagging, and organization compared to full-fledged DAMs.
  3. Scalability: Flexible pricing models mean businesses can adapt as their needs change.
  4. Sharing & Collaboration: Enables effective teamwork and sharing with external partners.
  5. Security: Ensures digital assets are protected from unauthorized access.

Maria's experience showcases the power of a simple, well-configured digital asset management system in ensuring efficient marketing operations. Communication Pro offers solutions ranging from sophisticated DAMs to user-friendly media banks.

Author Rolf Koppatz

Rolf is the CEO and consultant at Communication Pro with long experience in DAMs, Managing Visual Files, Marketing Portals, Content Hubs and Computer Vision.

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