1 Million Free Images For Office 365?

19 October 2021

Learn and see how at the DAM Helsinki 2021 media conference on Nov 10th.

Would you prefer to have access to over 1.000.000 images in your own Office 365, like Word, PowerPoint or Teams, environment? This is possible using an add-in media bank.  Interested? 

If you are a content creator, you’re probably on the lookout for free images and icons. Office 365 add-in bring this browsable and searchable collection to you for free. No money, no attribution needed, no copyright or creative commons to deal with. Want to find out more? Join the DAM Helsinki 2021 event on Nov 10th in Helsinki or virtually.

Introducing Pickit, more than a PowerPoint app-in

You can use Pickit a lot for PowerPoint, but also for the web. It utilises the ecosystem of Office 365 and connects to other applications seamlessly. It’s a great way to distribute the right images and assets to employees and to inspire their creativity without all the risks associated with letting them use whatever images they like.

You can also use the Documents tool as a way of sharing material and inspiring the Sales team with what’s working for others and how they can use existing templates to save time and improve the quality of their content. It makes it really easy for team members to learn from one another and avoid reinventing the wheel all the time.

Most companies have their own image bank, but it often isn’t being used as much as wanted. White there are good DAM solutions out there, but it is really important to find something that isn’t just good for administrators and content creators, but that was also very user-friendly for employees.

Get Direct Access to Image Providers

If your company is regularly on the lookout for new photos, icons, audio and video files to expand your existing asset library, you might already have accounts with image providers such as Shutterstock, Getty Images and Adobe Stock.

The beauty of the Pickit platform for Office 365 is that you can actually connect those accounts to Pickit, and by doing so, ensure that your employees can access those visuals and audio assets right alongside the rest of your content.

That way, there's no need to set up multiple accounts and distribute logins to each and every person who might need to access your recently purchased stock photos or find a visual for a new project. Everything can be made available under the same roof, providing a clearer overview and increasing efficiency.

Pickit now supports Image Provide customers to set up a full DAM system in minutes and make sure all great content gets available to everyone in the company with the Microsoft 365 integration.

With this new workflow integration, we’re making it easier for teams to access, organize, and share their Shutterstock creative images — regardless of where team members are located. 

With the help of keywords, image type filters and other metadata tags, you can search your library of previously licensed assets and reuse content for presentations, press, advertising, internal communications and more. Pickit preserves Shutterstock, Getty image and Adobe Stock metadata, making it easy to quickly find the exact asset you need.

Get Access to all Visual files and Documents

The modern workplace requires companies to…provide tools to create, innovate and work together to solve business problems. Smart tools to meet the demands of a changing workplace. 

As more companies follow suit and adopt a flexible, hybrid workplace model that serves employees both remotely and in the office, having tools to work efficiently and effectively is critical to getting things done. Give Access to not only visual files but also to documents within your company like in Sharepoint or Dropbox.

Visual Browsing gives you an overview of the content

If you're already using a service such as SharePoint or Dropbox, you'll know some of the benefits of storing content centrally in the cloud. However, many of these systems fall short when it comes to providing a compelling browsing experience, a good visual overview of your content, and the ability to use metadata, cover images and analytics to improve search and asset usage. This is where a system like Pickit comes in, either as a replacement or a complement to existing cloud storage services. 

After connecting to your Sharepoint or Dropbox Business account directly from the Pickit platform, you can easily import, manage and distribute your docs alongside your other media files, so you can view all your relevant assets together in one place.

Some key benefits of using Pickit with Dropbox

  • Visual navigation
    Pickit's visually compelling, user-centric navigation helps bring your company content to life. Users can quickly get a better overview of images, videos, documents and templates.  surface digital assets from Dropbox more easily.
  • Metadata
    A great complement to Dropbox, Pickit provides a simple way to access metadata and search assets using popular terms and keywords. 
  • Version history
    Document version history from Dropbox will automatically be included and previous versions will be archived. That way, Pickit will always have the most current content. 
  • Synchronization
    The Dropbox integration enables Pickit users to access the most current versions of files stored on Dropbox without having to manually sync or switch platforms. This can be set to update daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. 
  • Files and folders
    File or folder-level synchronization, allowing users to map several folders to one or simply synchronize files individually. 
  • Authentication
    Users don't need to log into multiple services or authenticate more often than in Dropbox. Pickit adopts the same frequency as your Dropbox Business account.

Author Rolf Koppatz

Rolf is the CEO and consultant at Communication Pro with long experience in DAMs, Managing Visual Files, Marketing Portals, Content Hubs and Computer Vision.

Contact me at  LinkedIn.