Sharing content on a typical day at Zeniith Corp

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Here's a story to showcase the widely different scenarios in which sharing features of a Digital Asset Management (DAM / MediaBank) system are used while sharing diverse content. As one day at Zeniith Corp will show, the DAM's sharing capabilities are integral to their operations.

From urgent individual needs to collaborative team efforts, and from internal communications to external partnerships, the DAM facilitates seamless, efficient, and secure content sharing, catering to the varied and dynamic needs of a bustling corporate environment.

Morning Meeting: The Urgent Presentation

In the morning at Zeniith Corp, Emily, a marketing executive, receives an urgent request. The CEO needs the latest marketing presentation for a high-stakes meeting in an hour. Emily quickly accesses the DAM, finds the presentation, and shares a direct link via email with the CEO. The presentation, a hefty file with intricate designs and data, was too large to send as an attachment. The shareable link is a lifesaver, ensuring the CEO receives it in seconds, ready for the big meeting.

Collaboration: Team Brainstorming

At a creative team meeting, Alex proposed an innovative ad campaign. To visualize his idea, he shares a collection of images and videos stored in the DAM through a shared team link. This link is accessible to all team members, who may view and comment on the content. The collaboration is seamless, with team members adding their feedback directly on the shared files, fostering a dynamic and interactive brainstorming session.

The Client Proposal

In the afternoon, Sarah, an account manager, prepares a tailored proposal for a potential client. This proposal includes a customized logo, a company brochure, and a personalized video message. She compiles these in the DAM and shares them as a neatly packaged collection via a secure link, which expires in 48 hours for confidentiality. The client was impressed by the professional presentation and the ease of accessing multiple file types in one click.

Global Company Update

John, the communications director, needs to send a company-wide update. The update includes a PDF newsletter, a short video message from the CEO, and an infographic of the quarterly achievements. John uses the DAM to schedule a time to release the content, ensuring it reached everyone irrespective of their location.

Sharing with External Partners

Lisa, a graphic designer, has a burst of inspiration for a project with an external advertising agency. She uploads her new designs to the DAM and shares them with the agency using a guest access link. This link allowes the external partners to view and download the designs without needing full access to the DAM, maintaining security while fostering collaboration.

Please find more info on collaboration using MediaBank here.

Author Rolf Koppatz

Rolf is the CEO and consultant at Communication Pro with long experience in DAMs, Managing Visual Files, Marketing Portals, Content Hubs and Computer Vision.

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