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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Managing Video Content in DAM

With marketers creating at least one piece of content every day, it's becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to effectively organize and manage their growing libraries. This is especially true for videos as various solutions to manage them emerge, ranging from simple file repositories to enterprise-level digital libraries. Due to their size and complexity, videos are typically more challenging to store, categorize and share than other digital assets.

In the digital landscape, managing video content efficiently is crucial for organizations aiming to leverage multimedia for engagement, education, and marketing. This blog explores how to work more efficiently with videos in MediaBank, detailing its capabilities such as conversion, streaming, clipping, cropping, embedding, and adding subtitles.

Video content management gets high priority

Limited budgets, minimal resources, and being short on time are some of the most common reasons why too often marketers do not acitively include video in their marketing campaigns and plans. Often there is no internal policy on how to work with video. Creating video content is one thing, but managing it afterwards has been known to bring a set of challenges, specifically around sharing and ensuring discoverability.

A digital asset management solution can make finding and using videos easier. A DAM or media bank is best for companies that need a better way to produce, store, collaborate on, share and distribute large amounts of marketing and creative content (photos, videos, audio, etc.). MediaBank also provides organizations with increase media security, such as user permissions, compliance regulations and backups.

Most companies working with videos have the goal to enable their team to access the assets they need, quickly and securely, at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. To do this, companies would need a DAM solution that is also video focused, in order to support and enable their entire video content creation and distribution workflow.

It also means the need to enhance their video search experience, enabling their entire team to be able to access and find specific episodes and exact video clips quickly and easily. To do this, the DAM must provide more robust distribution options, allowing their team to securely share full length, high-definition television episodes, as well as video clips and other assets, in a streamlined and on-brand manner.

With MediaBank companies gain at least the following benefits while handling Videos:

  • Centralized location
  • Enhanced discoveribility
  • Streamlined video sharing
  • Reduced video duplicates
  • Controlled access

Sharing videos

Streamlined Publishing for Maximum Impact

MediaBank's Video Manager module emerges as a quintessential tool, offering a suite of functionalities designed to streamline the management of video assets.  Lets illustrate the transformative impact of these features on video management through a few practical examples.

Narrative: Marketing Campaign Rollout

The companys brand is rolling out a multifaceted marketing campaign featuring a series of promotional videos. With MediaBank, the marketing team effortlessly publishes these videos across various platforms, from social media to the company website.

The Video Manager's comprehensive toolkit ensures that each video is optimized for its respective channel – whether that means formatting for mobile viewing on social media or embedding on the website with custom subtitles to enhance message clarity.

This streamlined publishing process not only saves valuable time but also maximizes the campaign's impact by ensuring consistent, high-quality video content across all touchpoints.

Sharing video content using Media Portals

Present the video assets in an appealing audience optimized form. MediaPortals is ensuring that all content continually and automatically updates as new versions of assets are added to the DAM or as asset rights expire. Unique to MediaBank is the ability to automatically sync a DAM album to the MediaPortals, meaning that every time a new asset is added to a specific album within their library, it will be instantly added to the correct section in a specific MediaPortals without requiring someone to manually update it.

Facilitating Engagement with Embedding and Subtitles

Through MediaBank's embedding feature, the Corporate integrates video tours into its website, offering visitors an easy exploration. To cater to an international audience, the addition of subtitles in multiple languages breaks down linguistic barriers, making the content accessible to non-native speakers. This inclusive strategy significantly expands the contents reach, inviting global engagement with the corporation.

Streamlining Video Conversion and Streaming

Narrative: The Corporates Conference Goes Digital

Imagine the corporate is planning an international conference pivoting to a virtual format. The organizer face the challenge of accommodating diverse video formats submitted by international speakers. MediaBank's Video Manager effortlessly converts these varying formats into a unified, streamable format, ensuring seamless playback on the conference platform. This functionality not only simplifies the technical preparations but also enhances the attendee experience, making valuable insights accessible to an audience without the constraints of specific video formats.

Enhancing Content with Clipping and Cropping

Narrative: Curating Educational Content 

Curating video
The companys educational department is curating a series of online courses, drawing from extensive video lectures to create concise, topic-specific modules. Using MediaBank’s clipping feature, the institution efficiently extracts key segments from longer lectures, tailoring the content to the course's learning objectives. Furthermore, the cropping tool allows for the removal of unnecessary visual elements, focusing the learners' attention on the most relevant information. This targeted approach not only makes the educational content more engaging but also facilitates a modular learning experience.

Video content needs to be organized now

In a digital age where video content reigns supreme, MediaBank's Video Manager module stands out as an indispensable tool for organizations looking to manage their video assets efficiently. From converting and streaming to clipping, cropping, embedding, and adding subtitles, these features empower users to tailor their video content to meet diverse needs and maximize engagement. Whether it's facilitating a global conference, curating educational content, launching a virtual exhibit, or rolling out a marketing campaign, MediaBank transforms the complex task of video management into a streamlined, efficient process. Embrace the power of MediaBank's Video Manager, and unlock the full potential of your video content.

Is it time for MediaBank?

The time and money it takes any organization to produce video assets is worthy of a well-thought-out solution for storing and using them. MediaBank offers comprehensive, viseo asset management capabilities. The Video Managers modules featurelist is a must for any organization working with video content, as marketing trends show those needs will only keep growing.

Learn more about MediaBank as a DAM solution for your company, starting with video, and get set up for success managing all your digital assets.

Author Rolf Koppatz

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