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Utilise specialized mediaportals for targeted content sharing

Sunday, May 26, 2024

This article vividly illustrates the multifaceted applications of Zeniith Corp's DAM / mediabank service. Through various specialized portals — be it media, client, event, partner, or internal training — the DAM provides targeted, efficient, and branded experiences for each user group.

Corporate videos are best managed in DAM media banks

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Managing Video Content in DAM

With marketers creating at least one piece of content every day, it's becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to effectively organize and manage their growing libraries. This is especially true for videos as various solutions to manage them emerge, ranging from simple file repositories to enterprise-level digital libraries. Due to their size and complexity, videos are typically more challenging to store, categorize and share than other digital assets.

In the digital landscape, managing video content efficiently is crucial for organizations aiming to leverage multimedia for engagement, education, and marketing. This blog explores how to work more efficiently with videos in MediaBank, detailing its capabilities such as conversion, streaming, clipping, cropping, embedding, and adding subtitles.