Introducing a SaaS DAM mediabank solution to the IT-department

Monday, February 19, 2024

In today's digital age, a robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is crucial for businesses to efficiently manage their growing volume of digital assets. While DAM solutions primarily cater to the needs of creative, marketing, and communication departments, the role of the IT department in facilitating and managing these systems is often overlooked. Understanding the specific needs of IT departments in the context of DAM is essential to argue for the integration of a modern DAM solution in an organization.


First and foremost, IT departments require a DAM system that ensures security and compliance. With the increasing threats of cyber attacks and the need for adherence to various data protection regulations, a DAM that offers robust security features, such as encrypted data transmission, access control, and regular security audits, is indispensable. This not only protects the organization's digital assets but also instills confidence among stakeholders about the safety of their data.

Security is non-negotiable when choosing a DAM solution, as it safe-guards sensitive company and customer data, protects against legal repercussions, build trust, and mitigates cybersecurity risks.

Our MediaBank SaaS DAM solution adheres to ISO 27001 standards, showcasing its dedication to stringent security measures. All data is stored within Microsoft Azure in EU, including backups. With MediaBank we guarantee complete data sovereignty coupled with unmatched data security and privacy standards.


Secondly, the integration capabilities of a DAM system are crucial for IT. The ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems such as Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Web Content Management (CMS) and various other content management systems (Microsoft 365, Adobe) reduces the complexities of managing multiple platforms. This integration facilitates a unified workflow, which is a significant efficiency booster.

Our MediaBank DAM solution offers ready CI HUB integrations and/or API’s for interoperating with core technologies of the organization, and to be maintainable and sustainable within budget constraints.


Moreover, scalability is a key concern for IT departments. As organizations grow, their digital asset libraries expand. A DAM solution that can scale in tandem with the organization's growth, without a decline in performance or a need for extensive restructuring, is highly desirable.

MediaBank DAM offers unlimited users and user groups, unlimited folders and albums and an unlimited media portal.

What your IT Department would love to have:

  • DAM solution that’s proven in the marketplace.
  • DAM solution that offers longevity and does not require replacement.
  • Reliable local partnership.
  • No increase in workload!


Another important aspect is user-friendliness. Although IT departments are equipped to handle complex systems, a DAM solution with an intuitive interface reduces the need for extensive training and support, thereby reducing the workload on IT personnel.

A reliable DAM provider

Lastly, the reliability and support offered by the DAM provider is critical. IT departments benefit from a DAM system that guarantees high uptime, offers prompt technical support, and provides regular updates to keep the system up-to-date with the latest technologies and security measures.

Communication Pro delivers more than just a robust SaaS DAM solution. We present a comprehensive suite of tailored services to champion your implementation journey. From methodical onboarding processes to unwavering post-purchase helpdesk support and consulting.

Communication Pro has an established reputation for quality and compliance, upheld by 25 years of experience in the DAM domain. Our high level of compliance qualifications and locally-based operations substantiate the credibility and reliability of our services. Trust is earned through consistent reliability and transparency.

A modern DAM solution that addresses these IT-specific needs - security, integration, scalability, user-friendliness, and reliable support - is not just a tool for creatives and marketers but a strategic asset for the entire organization. By focusing on these aspects, IT departments can effectively argue for the inclusion of a DAM system, highlighting its role in enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring data security, and supporting organizational growth.

Check out how our SaaS MediaBank offers a smart media space.

Author Rolf Koppatz

Rolf is the CEO and consultant at Communication Pro with long experience in DAMs, Managing Visual Files, Marketing Portals, Content Hubs and Computer Vision.

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