Find out how Visual Search powered by AI makes DAMs more user-friendly

25 April 2024

Visual AI Search - the latest game-changing solution
Lets focus on how the search function can be enhanced in DAMs using Visual AI Search, allowing users to search using natural language or visual cues, thereby bypassing the limitations of keywords and traditional metadata-based search methods.

This user-centric approach not only improves satisfaction and productivity but also ensures that the full value of the digital asset repository is realized.

This is the secret why assets are found in your DAM.

19 February 2024

In today's digital world, where we've grown accustomed to finding information instantly thanks to search engines like Google and comprehensive resources like Wikipedia, our expectations for searching and navigating within Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems have skyrocketed. For those unfamiliar, a DAM system is a repository that stores and organizes digital assets such as documents, images, videos, and more. To meet user expectations for fast and easy access to these assets, DAM systems utilize a variety of organizational tools, including categories, albums, tags, taxonomy, ontology, filters, and more.

Maria overcomes marketing chaos and boosts efficiency with an affordable media bank.

15 June 2023

A dedicated employee named Maria in a finnish companys small marketing department  was given the task of preparing a presentation and a newsletter for the launch of a revolutionary new product. This launch was particularly important because it also marked the debut of the company's brand new look. The pressure was on, and Maria was determined to impress her superiors and make the launch a success.

Approval workflows in the creation process provide several benefits for any organisation

31 March 2023

Approval workflows while producing marketing collateral and product specific documents and images, can provide several benefits used in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, such as:

Quality control: By routing assets for approval before they are made available to the rest of the organization, approval workflows can help to ensure that assets are accurate, complete, and of high quality. This can help to improve the overall effectiveness of the organization's communications and branding efforts.

Are Media Portals or Collection links the best way to deliver brand assets?

16 February 2023

The professional DAM-solution for distribution of mediafiles and content may be called a Media Portal or also Brand Portal, Marketing Portal, Press Portal, Partner Portal or Content Hub. Users can access the Media Portal either using their credentials or in some cases the Media Portal is open for anybody to browse for content.

Depending on the organisations specific needs and the used DAM-solution, (especially if the DAM does not provide a Media Portal), it is better to use Collection Links while sharing files. In this blog we try to open the different advantages of these publishing and distribution solutions.

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